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Show International Champion

Romanian Champion

Hungarian Champion

Hungaria Junior Champion

Res. European Winner 2014

Junior World Winner 2014

black-white male
Születési idő: 2013. 03. 29.

HD: A/A (0/0 Excellent ) ED: 0/0 (Normal) Shoulders: 0/0 OCD: FREE Eyes tested in 2014 / 2015 !!!! FREE !!!

Glaucoma tested: Unaffacted (free) CEA, CL, TNS free by parentages

Carachter test: 100/ 100 ( Excellent )

Recommended for Breeding by the kennel club !!



2014: *JUNIOR WORLD WINNER 2014 - Helsinki FCI WDS *Hungarian Junior Club Winner 2014 *Hungarian Junior Champion *Romanian Junior Champion *Best Junior at the Finish Border Collie speciality show 2014 *Hungarian DERBY WINNER male in 2014 * RESERVE EUROPEAN WINNER 2014 - BRNO FCI EDS *Hungarian Junior Club Star 2014 *Hungarian Adult Club Star 2014

2015: *Hungarian Adult CLUB Winner 2015, Best Male & BEST OF BREED & res BEST IN SHOW under Lauren Somers Aust (Nahrof Kennel ) - 84 border collie was entered *SpecilityClub winner, Best Male, BEST OF BREED & res BEST IN SHOW !!! *Hungarian Champion *Romanian Champion *Hungarian Club Star 2015

2016: *Slovenian Club winner 2016, Best Male & BEST OF BREED ( 47 BC was entered )

Pikkupaimenen Great Pretender At Locheil

Nahrof The Cohort

Nahrof The Talisman 

Sheermyst Direct Hit

Nahrof Formal Affair

Nahrof Echoes Of An Era

Ansavon Sono Thor

Gotrah Celtic Brie

Pikkupaimenen Front Page News

Maccabee Blue Peter

Trumagik Tartan Scott

Pikkupaimenen Coconut Dream

Borderfame Talk Oth Town

Borderfame Royal Salute 

Tullacrest Goodtime Girl

Lucky For You Beautiful Eve

Avatar One Night Standbay Bayshore

Pikkupaimenen Zoom The Moon

Pikkupaimenen Dash Of Pepper

Pikkupaimenen Cherry Cocktail

Bayshore Seduction Of Avatar 

Borderfame Spellbound

Tullacrest Goodtime Girl

Válvölgy Szép Aqua

Nahrof Foreign Fantasy

Nahrof Shadow Of Mercy

Nahrof Dontmeanathing

Borderguard Echo

Ghent Bohemia Alké

Borderguard Bridge


10 months old